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Shipping policy

Digital download products arrive in your email on the day your order is confirmed. We prioritize accuracy and punctuality in all of our product delivery options, so we provide a 60-day product guarantee. If you happen to be dissatisfied with your product, you will receive your refund within 2-4 weeks

When an order is placed online or with our customer service representatives, the estimated delivery time depends on several factors (e.g., destination, shipping method, time of order placement, etc.). Most products ship on the same day. Below are estimated processing and delivery time frames per shipping method (depending on availability, products may arrive at a sooner date):

Electronic Delivery: products purchased for digital download will arrive via email on the day your order is confirmed.

Download links are emailed within 30 minutes of purchase during normal business hours (6 AM - 4 PM PST).

After-hours licenses and weekend orders are emailed up to 4 hours after purchase before 8 PM PST. The remaining licenses are emailed the following morning.

For weekend orders placed after 8 PM PST, licenses are emailed the next day by 12PM PST.

We always send 2 emails to make sure you have received our email in your inbox.

If 30 minutes have passed since the time of purchase, and you have not received your digital product, please email us at with your name or order number, and we will reply right away to your email with your product code and instructions.